Thursday, June 18, 2009

50 Places To Stash Money

You would think with all these offices in the Cayman's , the Goldman folk would have some nice tans. Watch out for the turtles!

Scadbury Funding Limited, Cayman Islands
Scadbury II Assets Limited, Cayman Islands
GS Killingholme Cayman Investments Ltd., Cayman Islands
GS Killingholme Cayman Investments II Ltd, Cayman Islands
Forres Investments Limited, Cayman Islands
GS Funding Management Limited (1), Cayman Islands
GS Capital Funding (Cayman) Limited, Cayman Islands
Goldman Sachs Investments (Mauritius) I Limited, Mauritius
Goldman Sachs LLC, Mauritius
Tiger Strategic Investments LTD, Mauritius
MLT Investments LTD., Mauritius
JLQ LLC Cayman Islands,
Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd., British Virgin Islands
GSEM Bermuda Holdings,L.P. Bermuda
GS Equity Markets, L.P. Bermuda
Goldman Sachs (Cayman) Holding Company, Cayman Islands
Linden Wood, LTD., Cayman Islands
Goldman Sachs Credit Partners L.P,. Bermuda
Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending CLO-I, LTD., Cayman Islands
Amagansett Funding Limited, Cayman Islands
Amagansett II Assets Limited, Cayman Islands
GS European Funding I LTD,. Cayman Islands
GS Funding Europe II Ltd., Cayman Islands